“Key in Hand”

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This is a Portuguese expression that means that our services’ range really goes from A to Z.  Imagine that you wanted to build a house. With us, you just have to ask for it. We take care of everything, until the delivering of the key, in you hands. We’re not house builders but this is our philosophy.

In fact you can find at VIMAR everything you need from the construction

of stand project, interior design, equipment development or

many other kind of support to your business.

Our intervention is objective in giving the final consumer a

surplus value to the work we are asked to, and this target

is applicable on companies, agencies, architect offices,

decoration, freelancer, or any other sort of activity.

Whenever you feel the need to invest not knowing how to

accomplish your project, please contact us as we have as principle

the “keys in hand” philosophy which will make possible to get the idea

of what you want to do and introduce you to the final work.

We will lead your project to the top solution that goes with your requirements and estimated budget and can help you designing the best strategy or choosing the trade fair appropriate to your market branch.