Briefly our goal is to achieve the three major principles for any company: client satisfaction, loyalty through quality of services as well as permanent innovation.

Being a benchmark services provider, in order to bring together the best Clients, Suppliers and Co-Workers, always bearing in mind that the target is the best possible income for those who choose to work with us.

We look for the benefit in all commercial transactions with the best possible result for all parts and the most accurate cost control.

This is what defines our way of being in the market.

web design : santa [comunicação]

Company specialized in the organization of events, exhibitions and conferences. Lógico has in its portfolio some events of major importance as International Auto Exhibition, Moto Expo and Classic Moto Show.

A multidisciplinary company with a great range of intervention areas which go from music concerts organization and sportive talent management up to educational and hostel furniture import.

Santa (Communication) is a company that covers a large variety of services. It is not only a graphic design company nor even a simple publicity agency; it is above all a communication agency that manages several branches of marketing with variable tools under the logic of achieving the most rewarding results with the existing assets.

Oneway is a company which core business is the development of multimedia contents and the development of the necessary equipment to their utilisation. Oneway has being an important partner who allows us to improve the experience of our projects from the real to the virtual plan.

Strategic Partnership

Our strategic partners are companies who share the same principles and for that reason are more than mere brokers, becoming, in a short term, business partners and friends. These companies increase the range of solutions as well as the multiplicity of services VIMAR can offer.